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Fall into Fitness!


 cruisin' along the  zip line

 Failure is not in my dictionary

 What will your next great adventure be?

Happy fall to all! With the cool, fall festivals, the beautiful fall foliage, (which has already started to show its brilliant colors) the many cider mills, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, raking and jumping into leave piles with my daughter…it is beautiful and I feel alive!  I am thrilled  to be back in Michigan with this magnificent weather. I realize because it’s Michigan the weather can change at any moment, however, there is something about the crisp fall air, sunny days, the need for a hoodie or other light outer attire, and bon fires- love them- that calls me into a wonderful space of creativity and reflection. I am not sure why but the fall season seems to be my “spring” where I feel a jump start of growth and planning for my next great adventure.

 Speaking of great adventures, the pic in this post is of me at the Yoga Shelter’s, Yoga Life Training Camp, zip lining across the lake at Camp Tamarack.  It was a bit daunting climbing straight up the 70 foot tree (thank God for the folks below with the harnesses- just in case) but, while I am afraid of heights, I thought  to myself…as long as I don’t look down, I’ll be fine, and I made the climb. While I know that failing at some things is inevitable- and it helps to season us and build character- I simply choose to see victory and not dwell on the mind set of : “What if I can’t do it” or “What if can’t make it”? Such negative self talk really has no place in my world these days. I study, take calculated risks, (after all, no risk, no gain, right?) but…I turn my positive on and keep my antennae high for all the great opportunities and blessings that God has and will continue to give me.  So, with my positive on, my antennae up, and my adrenaline pumping, I zip lined across the lake and it was so joyful, so exhilarating! Yes, I did it! Funny thing is, I didn’t quite make it all the way to the other end and slowly started drifting back towards the middle of the lake. Yep, it’s true! Even though I ended up getting stuck in the middle of the lake for about 20 minutes while they sent someone in a row boat to retrieve me, I practiced my yoga and breathed deeply and fully.  At that moment, I realized how beautiful it was, and how far I could see, and how fresh the air was, and how perfectly lucky I was to be there, at that moment,  fully alive and living in peace.  I felt a great sense of serenity and accomplishment and I am grateful for the experience. Ready for my next great adventure! Now that my friends… is living.  Namaste!