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Embrace Your wellness Journey With FIT Enterprises

We understand that the road to wellness can be challenging. That's why at FIT Enterprises, we're committed to guiding you on your wellness journey and ensuring success at every step.

Our approach is simple: we focus on you, your goals, strengths, and limitations. We provide tailored wellness programs that meet your unique needs, ensuring maximum results with minimum risks.

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Why Choose FIT Enterprises?

We believe in making wellness a lifestyle, not a chore. We offer diverse workout routines that include strength training, cardio, flexibility, and balance exercises, ensuring all-around development. Our consultant/personal trainer/ budding music therapist and musician can work virtually or travel to other locations.

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Let's Choose A New Direction Together

If you're ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle, we're here to help. Please contact us to find out how FIT Enterprises can assist you on your wellness journey. We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

Remember, wellness is not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you used to be. So, let's start this wellness journey together and make success your ultimate destination.

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Health Rhythms and Drums Alive

Health Rhythms™ and Drums Alive™ are research and evidence-based programs which foster a sense of community, enhance brain plasticity, build new neurological pathways, improve memory, coordination, and left/right brain synchronization. Private drum circles, and Drums Alive events with the areas best live drummers are available for your corporate or private functions.  

Team building has never been more fun!

Why Dena?

Knowledge ~ Compassion ~ Experience ~ Resilience. 

Founder/Owner Dena Raptis has over 40 years’ experience in the fitness and wellness industry. She is certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, Athletic and Fitness Association of America, and Aquatics Exercise Association. Dena is a pianist, percussionist, singer, song writer, music producer, and is currently pursuing a degree in music therapy. Managing a diagnosis of MS, surviving two near fatal car accidents, spinal surgeries, and ongoing physical therapy has given her profound insight into the struggles and challenges many face in their own lives. She understands the body - whether it is injured or not - and knows what it’s like to manage pain. Incorporating music, drumming, and sound healing into her work, combined with her relentless pursuit to help heal herself and others, has led Dena to coach and help thousands of people.

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