Stress Busters Express Workshop

Learn to manage the stress in your life.

1)   Sitting for success. Do you really know the proper way to organize your space and be as ergonomically correct as possible? Sit with your legs crossed? Hold the phone in between your ear and shoulder? Find out the dos and don’ts regarding proper body mechanics.

2)   Are you stressed out? Did that last client drive you just a little crazy? Can you feel your heart beating faster and your blood pressure elevating? Find out the simplest breathing techniques to reduce stress, lower your respiration and blood pressure and gain an immediate sense of calm.

3)   Is your head aching and your eye sight strained? Is it difficult to concentrate and focus for long periods of time? Learn the latest techniques regarding eye movement exercises and simple stretching techniques to relieve stress and tension in the head and neck and shoulders. Improve your productivity by re-gaining your focus for those marathon computer sessions.

4)   Are you generally stiff? Does your back start bothering you after just a short while of sitting at your desk?  Do your wrists and forearms start to ache while working on your computer? Learn the quickest, most effective techniques to relieve stress and tension, improve your circulation and oxygen flow through your entire body and get your energy flowing in the right direction.

5)   What does a break mean to you? Do you actually schedule time to eat lunch or are you constantly eating and drinking on the fly? What types of food and liquid choices do you make through out your work day?  Do you ever simply take a couple of moments for yourself to catch a breath of fresh air, regroup to maintain your focus and composure? Increase your productivity significantly by learning the importance of scheduling your breaks according to your game plan, making easy, proper nutritional choices and the importance of properly hydrating your self through out your day.

This 75 minute workshop will teach you about increasing your productivity by learning how to incorporate numerous stress busting techniques to handle the aforementioned scenarios.

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