FIT Enterprises and Dena Raptis offer exceptional, top notch training

  • Dena is the best trainer ever! She’s so knowledgeable and kicks my butt every training session. If you want to get in shape, back in shape or take your fitness to the next level, call her today! Stacey Gray~ 5 Stars
  • THE best, and most knowledgeable fitness professional I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and learning from. Rasheed “The Rock” Lee ~ 5 Stars
  • Dena Raptis and FIT Enterprises are número uno in my book for the best in all around fitness and wellness training and education. I give them two thumbs up! Patrick Peteet ~ 5 Stars
  • The FIT Enterprises package includes variety, experience, integrity, & professionalism. We’re talking a complete healthy lifestyle system that enhances your mental, spiritual, nutritional, and physical fitness. Whether you seek individual or corporate services they are the consummate partner for results. We are honored to have them as our partner. First Responders 4 Fitness ~ 5 Stars
  • FIT Enterprises is a great resource for all your health and fitness needs. FIT Enterprises will provide you with sound expertise in the area of fitness of all genres , resources for all things health related. FIT Enterprises has tons of educational and experience backing. Check on this page often to help you help yourself! Dianne Carlson ~ 5 Stars
  • Dena has been an excellent source of inspiration and guidance to me for many years. She will always push you to the next level of performance, and makes you believe in yourself because she honestly does. If I could find a place to rate her . . . I would give her the highest possible rating, along with my gratitude! Tina Edgar ~ 5 Stars
  • Love the way u train me.. I’ll follow you any where! Suzi Lee ~ 5 Stars
  • Dena is one of the best! Dot Voutiritsa ~ 5 Stars
  • Dena is an exceptional human being, and fitness trainer. I highly recommend her! Ken Scott ~ 5 Stars
  • Dena worked my butt off! Great Thurs. morning workout @ Powerhouse Gym (W. Bloomfield) Beyonca Hammons ~ 5 Stars

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