Happy New Year? How about: Happy NOW Year!?

10349126_990802274266994_3768479682563902104_nHappy NOW Year!  And indeed, good things come to those who sweat! I know many of you have been wishing one another, ” Happy New year!”  To this, I say:  Let us change our mindset. Why wait until January to make healthy, positive changes in our lives? Many folks have this mindset that we need to wait until some  event happens, or some time in the future to make changes:  for my upcoming cruise, my sister’s wedding, my high school  reunion; when the new year rings in, when I turn a certain age, when I have more time, when my cat’s toilet training is through, etc. There are a million excuses why we put off taking care of ourselves. We are our GREATEST asset, are we not? Without our health, we have nothing. Make a commitment to become the healthiest you that you can be! There has never been a better time than right NOW to start a training program.


~ $5.00 on a single training session, and 5- 20% on packages. Internet/Skype training is also available. In home, full gym, and pool training available. You will receive a full fitness and wellness assessment, lifestyle, nutrition, and physical coaching. Weight loss, sculpting, building, flexibility training; beginners, athletes, kids, seniors, special needs, corrective exercise, and autoimmune conditions. No one is left behind!


If you are local and want to explore this further, here are some options for this week:

* Monday 1/5 – Wednesday 1/7: Consultations
7am-2pm at Powerhouse Gym and The Jewish Community Center West Bloomfield. After work hours also available by appointment

( private message, dena@fitenterprises.com for more info)

* * Thursday 1/8: BUILD that BODY
8:30-9:30am @ Powerhouse Gym West Bloomfield

* * Friday 1/9: DRUMS ALIVE
9:15 – 10:15am @ The Jewish Community Center West Bloomfield

So, whatever your goals are, don’t be afraid to change your mindset, and of a little sweat. Out with the old and in with the new! Change happens with a little sweat equity, so make the time and invest in you today!