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Fall into Fitness

 Have you “fallen off” FallColors4the virtuous path where your health and fitness is concerned?  You did? Well, fret not, because Fall is a great time to start a fitness program because it will help you to create good habits for the holiday season and upcoming winter months.

The fall has always been the time of year that I consider being my new year; far more than January ever was. With the change in seasons comes a renewed sense of  rethinking, restarting; and a heightened awareness of the need to rid ourselves of old habits. Just as the leaves falling off of the trees,  our old habits are free to die off to make room for the rebirth of all things new, and in alignment with our highest good.

Check out this article on 10 tips for fall fitness, and fall right back into good habits. All you need to do is make the choice. Tell yourself, ” I am worth every ounce of energy that it takes to take care of me. No one will do this for me, but me. I commit to making healthy choices one day at a time.” There. Wasn’t that easy? Now, go out there and make it happen!

Happy Spring 2014!

Greetings FIT folks! It’s been a while since my last post in October 2013, and I’m happy to report that I am healthy, and ready for this snow and cold in the greater Detroit area to be gone. Aren’t you? I thought so! So, some of you may follow my FIT Enterprises page on facebook, where I update regularly, but just in case you are not a facebooker, here are some tidbits, starting with my weekly schedule:

For my local FIT friends. Spring weather is right around the corner and before you know it, the heavy winter attire will be gone. Can’t wait!! Wanna get FIT? Let’s work!

FIT Schedule through Sat. 3/29:

Monday 3/24: FIT demo’s
TRX and stability/balance Training at Powerhouse Gym West Bloomfield; by appointment.

Tuesday 3/25: Outdoor Trail Buzz
8am-12pm West Bloomfield Trail network. Get high off of nature!

Wednesday 3/26: CIRCUIT FUSION
9:15-10:15am ; Jewish Community Center West Bloomfield.
Cardio, 2 studios, TRX, various other toys, athletic, innovative, sweat and calorie torcher.

Thursday 3/27: BUILD that BODY
8:30-9:30am; Powerhouse Gym West Bloomfield. 3 for Thursday sets of Stabilty→Strength→Power
Step, BOSU, Body bars, and rubber.

Friday 3/28: Wrap up 3 at the JCC!

★8:15-9:15am ~ Muscle Jam
Work the entire body from head to toe with free weights and med ball.

★9:15-10:15am ~ Core N More
Integrated training for the CORE working inner to outer unit, incorporating vertical work, with plenty of balance challenges.

★10:15-11:15 am ~ DRUMS ALIVE
Drumming on the stability balls for one of the most invigorating, unique, musical and movement classes you will have ever experienced. Work right and left brain, build new neurological pathways, enhance brain plasticity, work the entire body and have FUN!

More FIT blog post will be forthcoming. Thanks for stopping by!